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The Sand Snakes by Sir-Heartsalot © (Elia's age is incorrectly depicted)

Sand Snakes is a term used to refer to the bastard daughters of Prince Oberyn Martell.[1] The name references the Dornish bastard surname, Sand, and their father's nickname, “the Red Viper”. Prince Oberyn's eight daughters have been born to five different mothers,[2] and while they differ in appearance from one another, they are said to all have their father's eyes.[1]

All of the Sand Snakes have their father's eyes - by Magali Villeneuve. © Fantasy Flight Games

The term "Sand Snake" or "Sand Snakes" can refer to the following characters:


It would gladden my heart if I could assure you that the Sand Snakes were alone in wanting war, but I will not tell you lies, ser.[3]

– Prince Doran Martell


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