Tom the Strummer

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Tom the Strummer
Alias The Bard of Flea Bottom

Tom the Strummer, known as the Bard of Flea Bottom, was a knight and singer during the reign of King Jaehaerys I Targaryen.


In 49 AC the young king Jaehaerys I still had five vacant spots in the Kingsguard to fill. At the Golden Wedding, his mother Alyssa Velaryon suggested the remaining five slots by a test of arms since knights from all over the realms had come to attend the wedding. Jaehaerys agreed, but with a twist - the knights must fight on foot, not the joust, for foes seldom strike a king from horseback.[1]

The wild melees and bloody duels that followed were dubbed by maesters as the War for the White Cloaks with hundreds of knights competing for the honor of serving in the Kingsguard. Although he did not win a white cloak, Tom the Strummer became a great favorite of the smallfolk, mocking his opponents before each bout with ribald songs.[1]

When Jaehaerys came of age, he had the City Watch of King's Landing comb Flea Bottom to find Tom the Strummer, so the king could make him the court singer.[2]


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