Tourney for the completion of the Dragonpit

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The tourney for the completion of the Dragonpit was held at King’s Landing in mid 55 AC.[1]


The Master of Coin, Lord Manfryd Redwyne, proposed to King Jaehaerys to celebrate the completion of the Dragonpit with a great tourney, to which Jaehaerys agreed. Lists were raised in the fields west of the city walls between the Lion Gate and the King’s Gate, and the jousting there was said to be especially splendid.[1]

After winning the squire's tourney, Rickard Redwyne was knighted by the king himself. The champion’s laurels went to the gallant and handsome Ser Simon Dondarrion of Blackhaven, who won the love of the commons and queen alike when he crowned Princess Daenerys Targaryen as his queen of love and beauty.[1]

As dragons had been settled in the Dragonpit as yet, the colossal edifice was chosen for the site of the tourney’s grand melee, a clash of arms such as King’s Landing had never seen before. Seventy-seven knights took part, in eleven teams. The competitors began ahorse, but once unhorsed continued on foot, battling with sword, mace, axe, and morningstar. When all the teams but one had been eliminated, the surviving members of the final team turned on one another, until only a single champion remained. In the end of the melee, two men were killed and more than twoscore were wounded. Queen Alysanne, wisely, forbade her favorites, Jonquil Darke and Tom the Strummer, from taking part to the melee.[1]

The Joust

The Squire's tourney

House Redwyne.svg Champion: Rickard Redwyne

The Melee

House Strong.svg Champion: Ser Lucamore Strong

Known participants:


Soon after the conclusion of the tourney, Queen Alysanne left King’s Landing for Dragonstone, there to await the birth of her child. Septa Edyth and Septa Lyra remained by Alysanne’s side, together with a dozen fresh young maidens chosen from amongst a hundred who coveted the distinction of serving as a companion to the queen. Two of Rogar Baratheon’s nieces were amongst those so honored, along with daughters and sisters of the Lords Arryn, Vance, Rowan, Royce, and Dondarrion, and even a woman of the North, Mara Manderly, daughter to Lord Theomore of White Harbor. To lighten their evenings, Her Grace also brought her favorite fool, The Goodwife, with his puppets. Alysanne gave birth to Prince Aemon in late 55 AC.[1]


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