Triple walls of Qarth

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The triple walls of Qarth. © FFG

The triple walls of Qarth are three thick walls that surround the ancient port city of Qarth located on the southern coast of Essos. The walls are of thirty, forty, and fifty feet in height, respectively and are engraved with portraits of animals, war, and lovemaking.[1] The three walls of Qarth have not been used for defense in centuries, but they still stand, representing the power of the city.


The triple walls of Qarth is one of the nine wonders made by man reported in the book, Wonders Made by Man, by Lomas Longstrider[2]

  • Outer wall - the outer wall is made of red sandstone, 30 feet high and decorated with animals; snakes slithering, kites flying, fish swimming, intermingled with wolves of the red waste and striped zorses and monstrous elephants[1]
  • Middle wall - the middle wall of grey granite, 40 feet high, it is alive with scenes of war: the clash of sword and shield and spear, arrows in flight, heroes at battle and babes being butchered, pyres of the dead.[1]
  • Innermost wall - the innermost wall is made black marble 50 feet high, it is carved with scenes of lovemaking which make Daenerys Targaryen blush.[1]

The city's outer gates are banded with copper, the middle with iron and the innermost gates studded with golden eyes.[1]

Recent Events

A Clash of Kings

All three walls opened at Daenerys Targaryen's approach.[1]

A Dance with Dragons

As Yezzan zo Qaggaz lies dying, Penny suggests sailing to Qarth to Tyrion Lannister. She tells him of the city walls. However, Tyrion informs her that he has no intention of going any further east.[2]


The city walls are one of the wonders of the world.[2]