Ulf the White

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Ulf the White
Ulf the White.jpeg
Art by Enife

Alias Ulf White
Ulf the Sot
The Betrayer
Title Ser
Lord of Bitterbridge
Allegiance Blacks
Died In 130 AC, at Tumbleton
Book(s) The World of Ice and Fire (mentioned)
The Princess and the Queen (mentioned)

Ulf the White, also known as Ulf White and Ulf the Sot, was a man-at-arms on Dragonstone during the time of the Dance of the Dragons.[1] He was one of the dragonseeds.

Appearance and Character

As his names conveyed, Ulf was pale-haired and known for his drinking. He could not read or write.


When Prince Jacaerys Velaryon called for dragonriders in 129 AC, Ulf was able to mount Silverwing, the dragon of Good Queen Alysanne.

Ulf fought valiantly in the Battle in the Gullet for the blacks. He was knighted by Rhaenyra Targaryen and named Lord of Bitterbridge by Prince Daemon Targaryen.

Ulf, along with Hugh Hammer, defected to the greens at the Treasons of Tumbleton. Together they are known as the Two Betrayers. The Caltrops conspired to kill both of them.

Ulf slept through the Second Battle of Tumbleton beneath a tavern table. After the battle he heard the other Betrayer had died, and Ulf made a claim for the throne.

Ser Hobert Hightower brought Ulf two casks of wine, Ulf however was suspicious of Hobert's behavior and asked him to drink first. Hobert to his credit instead of betraying his fellow Caltrops consumed an entire glass of wine, praised the taste and poured himself a second glass, this satisfied Ulf and he drank with Hobert. It was a gentle poison however and Ulf died peacefully less than an hour later, Hobert perished also from the poison in the wine.

Quotes about Ulf

Ser Ulf gave himself entirely over to drunkenness, drowning himself in wine and flesh. Those who failed to please were fed to his dragon.[1]

References and Notes

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