Uncloaking of Uthero

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The Uncloaking of Uthero,[1] also known as the Unmasking of Uthero,[2] was an event in the history of Braavos, in which the city, until then secret to the rest of the nations and realms of the known world, announced its existence.


The event is named after Uthero Zalyne, Sealord of Braavos, who dispatched envoys of the Iron Bank to Valyria to pay settlements to the grandchildren of the owners of the ships Braavos' founders had seized - but not the value of the escaped slaves. The dragonlords turned out to have little interest in the descendants of slaves who had escaped a century before. Several years later, Uthero sent forth ships throughout the world, announcing the existence[N 1] of Braavos, and inviting the men of all nations to celebrate the 111th anniversary of the city's founding.[1] However, even after it unveiled itself, Braavos continued to be known as the Secret City,[3] with its exact location hidden for another two centuries.[2]

The anniversary of the Uncloaking is celebrated every year, in a ten day festival of masks and revelry. At midnight on the tenth day, the Titan of Braavos roars, and all celebrants and revelers remove their masks as one.[1]


  1. The World of Ice & Fire states the "existence and location" of Braavos was made known,[1] but this contradicts A Feast for Crows,[2] as well as another section of TWOIAF.[3] See also Errata of The World of Ice & Fire.


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