Willow Pound-Stone

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Willow Pound-Stone
Culture Reach
Died 130 AC[1]
Book Fire & Blood (mentioned)

Willow Pound-Stone was a washerwoman in the town of Bitterbridge during the Dance of the Dragons.[1]


According to Mushroom, Willow weighed thirty stone (420 lbs; 190,5 kg), and was simpleminded and half-mad. She had earned her name pounding clothes clean in the Mander.[1]


In The Testimony of Mushroom, the dwarf asserts it was Willow who killed Prince Maelor Targaryen by clutching him so tightly that she broke his back and crushed him to death.[1]

Afterward, Willow was hanged from the center span of the old bridge at the command of Lady Caswell.[1]


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