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Meria Martell

Biographical Information
Alias Yellow Toad of Dorne
Other Titles Princess of Dorne
Born in or around 82 BC (roughly)[1]
Died in 13 AC[2]
Royal House House Martell
Heir Nymor Martell
Successor Nymor Martell

Princess Meria Nymeros Martell was the ruling Princess of Dorne during the invasion of Westeros by Aegon I.[3]



By the time of the War of Conquest Meria was around eighty years old, fat, blind, and almost bald. The Storm King, Argilac Durrandon called her the Yellow Toad of Dorne.[3]


The War of Conquest

When King Aegon I Targaryen sent ravens to all the rulers of Westeros, demanding that they yield to him as sole king of Westeros and be rewarded or be destroyed, Meria replied she would be his ally against the Storm King - but would not yield.[3]

When Queen Rhaenys Targaryen led the invasion to Dorne, the Dornish refused to give battle. Instead, they launched guerilla raids on Rhaenys' forces, then melted away into the mountains and deserts, and returned only to launch guerilla raids on the army anew. After taking the Dornish keeps, Rhaenys would find them empty, except for women and children. When she would ask where the men had gone to, the Dornish would just reply "away". Rhaenys thereupon flew on her dragon to Sunspear and met Princess Meria alone there. Rhaenys demanded the surrender of Dorne, but Meria instead replied that "This is Dorne. You are not wanted here, return at your peril." Rhaenys replied that she would return with "Fire and Blood," but Meria's answer was simply "Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken." The Targaryen army then withdrew from Dorne, leaving the country untaken.[3]

The First Dornish War

While Dorne had remained unconquered during the Conquest, King Aegon I did not forget. In 4 AC, he launched a new campaign against Dorne, one that would last for many years. During this war, instead of remaining at Sunspear, Meria, along with all the other Dornish lords, fled their castles, simply yielding them up. It did not take long for the Targaryen forces to reach Sunspear, find it empty, and declare themselves the victors. Lord Rosby was installed as the castellan and Warden of the Sands, Lord Harlan Tyrell was put in charge of putting down any revolts, and so the Targaryens left Dorne and returned to King's Landing.

But the dornish hadn't surrendered. The dornishmen swarmed from the shadow city and retook the castle, and once Lord Rosby was bound hand and foot, he was dragged to the top of the Spear Tower where Princess Meria herself threw him from the window.[2] In an attempt to retake Sunspear from Meria and her forces, Lord Harlan Tyrell set out from Hellholt to take the Vaith and then Sunspear, but he vanished in the dornish deserts, never to be found again, in 5 AC.[4][2]

The war in Dorne continued, and Meria eventually passed away, in 13 AC, upon which her son, Prince Nymor, took over, and immediately started negotiating peace.[2]




Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken.[3]
– Meria Martell to Rhaenys Targaryen

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