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Davos I
A Clash of Kings chapter
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Stannis flaming sword, at Dragonstone, by Rene Aigner©

Melisandre and the Queen’s men are burning the statues of the seven gods in the sept at Dragonstone as a sacrifice to R'hllor. Those who tried to stop this blasphemy were either killed, like Ser Hubard Rambton, or imprisoned, like Lord Guncer Sunglass and Septon Barre. Davos remains steady during this event, because he believes he owes everything to Stannis, and is forever loyal. Melisandre has Stannis draw a near-molten sword from the conflagration, naming the sword Lightbringer and Stannis Azor Ahai come again. The sword is a burning mess, and Stannis has to drop it.

Later, Davos meets Salladhor Saan at a tavern, and the Lyseni pirate tells him that the red priests in Lys are always burning things in the name of R’hllor. He also tells Davos the legend of the forging of Lightbringer, how Azor Ahai had to keep reforging the sword hundreds of times, until he finally plunged it in his wife’s heart, and it was her courage and blood that created the sword. Saan tells Davos to be thankful the sword Stannis raised was not real, for "too much light can hurt the eyes, and fire burns."

Davos then visits Stannis, who has composed a letter he intends to distribute throughout the realm. It proclaims Joffrey, Myrcella and Tommen bastards born of incest, and names Stannis the rightful heir to Robert’s throne. Davos and his sons are to carry the letters to the coastal towns, but the Onion Knight tells Stannis to remove the part about ‘the Lord of Light’ in the letter. Stannis rebuffs him, saying he appeases the Red Woman because she has power.

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