A Clash of Kings-Chapter 12

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Daenerys I
A Clash of Kings chapter
POV Daenerys
Page 138 UK HC (Other versions)
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Daenerys II


Dany believes the gods have sent the comet to show her the way. Yet as her small khalasar crosses the red lands following the trail of the comet, many die in the harsh climate, including Dany’s handmaiden Doreah. When her dragons are not eating the meat she feeds them, Dany remembers something Viserys had told her, that only men and dragons eat cooked meat. From then on, she feeds them cooked meat, and the dragons begin to grow. Dany recalls that Aegon’s dragons were named for the gods of Old Valyria, but she chooses new names for hers.

Finally, they reach an ancient, deserted city that they name Vaes Tolorro, the city of bones. Dany learns the true story of Jorah’s fall, how he had been knighted by King Robert on Pyke, and shortly thereafter won a tourney at Lannisport where he had met Lynesse, his second wife. But Bear Island was a lonely place for a girl from Oldtown, and so Jorah had to spend lavishly to keep her happy. Eventually, he was near penniless, and sold some poachers to a slaver rather than making them take the black. Thus Lord Eddard came to behead him. Ser Jorah fled to Braavos with Lynesse, but she left him for a merchant prince in Lys.

Dany then discovers that Jorah loves her because he says she resembles Lynesse. Later, Dany sends her bloodriders out in different directions to find civilization, but only Jhogo, who went southeast following the comet, found a city. And he brought back with him the three seekers from the great city of Qarth, who came to see dragons.

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