A Clash of Kings-Chapter 14

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Arya IV
A Clash of Kings chapter
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Yoren’s band has come upon a burned-out holdfast, and searches it for boats, finding nothing. Yoren decides to camp for the night secure behind the walls. That night, Arya awakens to a wolf howling, and then wakes the others in warning. Outside the walls, Ser Amory Lorch’s men are demanding that the gates be opened in the name of the King. He accuses them of being in league with Lord Beric Dondarrion, and do not believe Yoren when he tells them they are members of the Night's Watch and take no part in any wars. Ser Amory has his men fire the houses and then begin scaling the walls. Many from both sides die, and when all seems lost, Yoren tells Arya to escape through a hidden tunnel in the barn. Arya takes the little girl (whose mother died) with her and follows Hot Pie, Gendry and the injured Lommy into the tunnel. At the last minute, as the fires rage in the barn, Arya decides to save the three criminals chained in the wagon by throwing Rorge an axe. Arya then flees through the tunnel.

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