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Bran II
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Bran is being carried by Hodor to host Wyman Manderly, and on the way the two Walders begin to mock Hodor. Bran defends him until Maester Luwin appears and reprimands the boys. Bran meets the obese Lord Wyman, and they discuss White Harbor minting coins for the North, building a fleet of ships, and the Lord even inquires about a marriage to the widowed Donella Hornwood. He wants to know if an exchange of hostages can be arranged so that his son Wylis will be released by Tywin Lannister. After him, Bran hosts Lady Hornwood, whose husband had died at the Green Fork, and son at the Whispering Wood. Lady Hornwood warns that Roose Bolton’s bastard is massing men at the Dreadfort and he seems intent on her lands. Roose Bolton had never acknowledged the boy, yet he used the name Bolton and it was whispered that he and his servant Reek hunted more than just deer.

It is obvious that the widow will need to remarry to hold her lands, but to who is the question. Luwin notes that the lady likes Rodrik Cassel. Bran suggests that Lord Hornwood’s bastard, a ward of Galbart Glover, be named as heir. The uncles of the Greatjon come next, and Ser Rodrik tells them they are to begin lumbering wood for Lord Wyman’s shipwrights. When Leobald Tallhart feasts with Bran, he suggests his younger son Beren could take the name Hornwood, as his mother was sister to Lord Hornwood, and become heir. Maester Luwin believes he may be their best choice. Later, Cley Cerwyn arrives, and when he mentions the rumours about Cersei’s incest, Bran begins to have a flashback and feels like he’s falling. That night he dreams of the crow pecking at his forehead and urging him to fly, and then he sees a man with golden hair pushing him from a window.

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