A Clash of Kings-Chapter 24

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Theon II
A Clash of Kings chapter
POV Theon
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Theon III


Theon is admiring the new longship his father gave him, when he meets a beautiful ironborn woman calling herself Esgred, wife to Sigrin the shipwright. Theon is taken by her, and although she claims to be pregnant, they flirt extensively on the way back to Pyke. Theon fondles her, and she does the same to Theon, continuing to lead him on. She gets him to confess he probably doesn’t believe in the Drowned God, and that he thinks of his uncles as fools. When she asks of his mother, and Theon tells her she is away at Harlaw due to her poor health, she tells him he should go visit her. When they arrive at Pyke, the servants reveal that Esgred is really his sister Asha, and Theon is greatly disturbed by what he did and said to her.

Theon goes to his father’s feast, but his sister is given the place of honor, and she mocks him mercilessly throughout the dinner. Afterwards, Balon reveals his war plans, commanding Theon to raid the Stony Shore, Asha to take Deepwood Motte, and his brother Victarion to take Moat Cailin, sealing off the North from Robb’s return. Theon is given the most meaningless task, and realizes that his command will be nominal since his uncle Damphair and Dagmer Cleftjaw are sent to watch over him.

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