A Clash of Kings-Chapter 38

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A Clash of Kings chapter
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Lanister host marching out

Tywin Lannister is marching, leaving Harrenhal in the hands of Ser Amory Lorch and Vargo Hoat. There is much talk in the castle about Robb’s strike into the heart of the West, but the stories of what actually occurred are mixed. Arya is ordered by Weese to perform an errand. He promises her a good dinner, but Weese later slaps her and reneges on his offer. Furious she goes in search of Jaqen H'ghar, but bumps into Rorge instead. The criminal with the missing nose accosts her, but when she mentions that she is looking for Jaqen, Arya notices something in Rorge’s eyes, something that looked like fear of Jaqen. Arya attempts to walk up to Jaqen quiet as a shadow, but the Lorathi hears her anyway. Arya whispers the name Weese. As Arya watches Lord Tywin’s army depart, she curses herself for not whispering the names of Lord Tywin or Gregor Clegane to Jaqen, because Weese and Chiswyck were insignificant. Arya tries to find Jaqen in time to change her request, but she finds Weese dead, with the dog that he had raised as a pup tearing out his throat. Arya looks up and sees Jaqen on the battlements, and the man lays two fingers across his cheek casually.

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