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Bran V
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Robb, Bran, Theon, Maester Luwin and some men ride out into the Wolfswood. Robb tells Bran about the raven last night, which bore a message about the murder of Jory Cassel, and their father breaking his leg in the fight with the Kingslayer’s men. Theon wants Robb to call the banners. When they enter the Wolfswood to look for their direwolves, Robb rides off to find them. Six wildlings surround Bran, two women among them. They slash Bran’s straps, and he falls to the stream. One of them is called Osha and suggests they take Bran hostage and bring him to Mance Rayder, who would pay well for the blood of Benjen Stark.

The direwolves and Robb return and attack immediately. They kill all but Osha and Stiv. Stiv holds a dagger to Bran’s throat, and demands that Robb kill the direwolves. Just before Stiv can slit Bran’s throat, he is slain by an arrow from the bow of Theon. Robb threatens Theon for playing with Bran’s life, since Theon did not have a clear shot. When they question Osha, who calls for mercy, she tells them that two of the men were deserters of the Night's Watch, but the others, including herself, were wildlings. They take Osha captive to question her.

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  • The synopsis was copied from AOL member vbkorik27 previously at [1].

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