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Tyrion VI
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Tyrion and Bronn are alone trying to make their way to civilization, but they must make it through the Mountains of the Moon alive. Tyrion promises Bronn great rewards for helping him, and we learn Tyrion kept his word and paid Mord the gold he had promised. The dwarf tells Bronn the story of a girl he and his brother Jaime rescued, who Tyrion later married. When his father found out, it was revealed the girl was a prostitute his brother bought him for a birthday gift, and Lord Tywin had his men rape her, humiliating Tyrion. When Bronn tells him that he would have killed any man who did that to him, Tyrion tells him he may get the chance to do just that to Tywin Lannister. A Lannister always pays his debts.

That night, they are surrounded by Stone Crows, a clan from the Mountains of the Moon. When Tyrion offers his weapons and armor, Gunthor asks him if he would pay them with their own coin. The clansmen would take what they wanted from their corpses. But Tyrion once again talks himself out of certain death by offering them thousands of weapons if they help him reach his father, and promises them aid in conquering the Vale of Arryn.

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