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Eddard XIV
A Game of Thrones chapter
POV Eddard
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Eddard XV

When Eddard Stark learns of the death of the King Robert he convenes the Small Council Protector of the Realm, but council is called to the throne room. Joffrey Lannister demands that the council start arranging his coronation, and Eddard reveals that Joffrey has no right to the throne. Eddard had thought that Littlefinger had arranged for the Gold Cloaks to aid them, but instead the Gold Cloaks kills Eddard’s men, and Littlefinger takes Eddard captive.


Eddard Stark wakes at dawn with his head on a table to the thunder of Lannister men, including Sandor Clegan, practicing in the yard below. He curses Cersei for not fleeing. At breakfast Arya is given permission for short lesson withSyrio Forel before they leave and Sansa, who is very despondent, asks again to see Joffrey Lannister before she leaves; if Arya can have a dancing lesson she should be able to see Joffery. Speta Mordane states she can escort her, but Eddard says it is not wise. When Sansa continues to complain, the septa tells her that her father knows best; she runs weeping from the solar. The septa rises to follow but Eddard stops her and tells her to let Sansa go and that he will try to explain when they return to Winterfell.

An hour later Grand Maester Pycelle arrives with news that King Robertis dead, and tells the maester to convene the Small Council in the solar. The maester objects that King Robert just died and they can wait a day, but Eddard insists. When arrives in the same cloths he wore the previous day, he informs Eddard that the task is done. It is Varys that gives Eddard the news that Lord Renly has left the city, along with Ser Loras and all their retainers. Eddard does not like the smell of this. Ser Barristan reads the King’s writ naming Eddard Protector of the Realm until Joffrey comes of age; Eddard knows that Joffrey has come of age. Eddard plans to keep his knowledge that Joffrey is a bastard until his daughters are safe; he does not trust Varys or Pycelle, and Ser Barristan is honor bound to protect the boy he thinks is rightful king. Eddard asks the council to proclaim him Protector of the Realm as Robert wished. Fat Tom enters with the royal steward with news that the king requires the presence of his Small Council in the throne room; Eddard knew Cersei would strike, but not so fast. Eddard orders Tom to assemble an escort.

As they proceed, Eddard is reassured by the number of Gold Cloaks visible. The Kingsguard is present except Jamie and Ser Barristan when the Small Council arrives before the throne where Joffrey sits with Cersie and his siblings below. Twenty Lannister guardsmen stand behind the throne, and Gold Cloaks line the walls, outnumbering the Lannisters five to one. Joffrey demands that council to make arrangements for the coronation, and he wants to be crowned with a fortnight. Eddard has Varys deliver the King’s writ to Cersei. The Queen tears it up, saying the realm has a new King now. Ser Barristan exclaims that those were the King’s words. Cersei continues by telling Eddard to bend the knee and swear fealty to Joffrey and he’ll be allowed to return to Winterfell. Eddard then states that Joffrey has no right to the throne and that Stannis is the true heir. Cersei orders Ser Barristan to seize the trader, but is surrounded by Eddard’s guardsmen. At Cersei’s next words, swords are drawn. Eddard tells Janos Slynt to have his Gold Cloaks take the Queen and her children into custody. As Eddard is stating he wants no bloodshed, a Gold Cloak shoves a spear through Tomard’s back. There was a brief fight and then Littlefinger takes the dagger from Eddard’s belt and holds it to his throat, telling him, "I did warn you not to trust me, you know."

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