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Daenerys VI
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Khal Drogo tells Daenerys that he does not intend to have his khalasar cross the poison sea to invade the Seven Kingdoms. Daenerys and Ser Jorah go to visit the Western Market, but the knight seems distracted and mentions that he will check if there are messages from Illyrio with the merchant captain. Daenerys spots a wine merchant, who discovers her identity and offers her a special cask of wine. Daenerys is about to try it when Ser Jorah returns and confronts the merchant, who tries to flee. Dany’s warriors capture him, and we learn he intended to poison her, probably someone looking to win King Robert’s lordship offer. When Drogo learns of the attempt on Daenerys and their unborn child’s life, he promises that his khalasar will sail to Westeros and reclaim the throne for her.

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  • The synopsis was copied from AOL member vbkorik27 previously at [1].

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