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Catelyn IX
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As Robb’s army approaches the Twins, Catelyn sees that Lord Walder Frey has sealed off the Twins and has massed his levies. Some of Robb’s men think to storm the Twins, but the wise ones realize it would be near impossible. Catelyn advises that the Freys have held the Crossing for 600 years and have always exacted a toll for passing. She declares that she will treat with her father’s bannerman. Catelyn learns that night from Ser Brynden that Edmure was taken captive, and that Riverrun is now fully besieged. Ser Stevron Frey comes to escort Catelyn to his father, and leaves some of his brothers behind to vouchsafe for Catelyn’s return. Lord Walder is very blunt, and comes up with an excuse for why his men haven’t marched to Riverrun to support his liege lord.

When Catelyn and Lord Walder entreat alone, he reveals that he dislikes Lord Tywin, and Catelyn is pleased that maybe she can form an alliance with the notoriously late Lord Walder. Lord Walder talks of a tourney he went to not long ago, and offered to foster Robert Arryn at the Twins, but Lord Jon Arryn had told him that he intended to foster his son at Dragonstone. After they haggle over an alliance, Catelyn returns to Robb and tells him to leave behind a force of four hundred men to maintain Lord Walder’s alliance, and Robb gives the command to Ser Helman Tallhart. She also tells Robb the price for the Freys' support and four thousand men: foster two of his grandsons at Winterfell, take another boy as squire, betroth Arya to Lord Walder’s youngest son Elmar, and Robb must marry a daughter of his choosing. Robb consents, and his host crosses.

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