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Tyrion VIII
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Lord Tywin tells Tyrion at dinner that he will serve under Ser Gregor’s command in the vanguard of the army. Tyrion is less than pleased and leaves the table. He returns to his camp and finds the whore Shae who Bronn found for him at his request. After Tyrion goes to bed with her, he speaks to Bronn and learns the sellsword took her from a knight. Later, Tyrion is awakened by war horns, and is saddled up to take position on the left flank of the van, a position that is sure to suffer large losses. Tyrion’s clansmen try to hold the river, and the battle ends with Lord Roose Bolton’s host fleeing. Tyrion’s arm is injured, and many of his clansmen died, including Conn and Ulf. After the battle, Tyrion learns that his father intentionally put him in the van. As they are talking, Ser Addam Marbrand arrives battered and informs them that they captured Lord Cerwyn, Ser Wylis Manderly, Harrion Karstark and four Freys. Lord Halys Hornwood is dead. But he has bad news as well - that Robb Stark led all his horse to Riverrun in an unexpected feint.

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  • The synopsis was copied from AOL member vbkorik27 previously at [1].

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