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Daenerys X
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Daenerys X
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Daenerys is planning a funeral pyre for Khal Drogo as is the Dothraki way, but her subjects are wary about her intentions. Mirri Maz Duur tells Daenerys she is a child, and whatever she plans will not work. Ser Jorah pleads with her to flee, that she need not do what she intends. Daenerys assures him that she is not planning on sacrificing her life in her husband’s pyre. She tells her gathered people that they are her khalasar and she will be their queen. When she asks the three warriors of her khas to take oath as her bloodriders, they will not commit and tell her she must be brought to join the dosh khaleen. Ser Jorah takes the oath and becomes the first of her Queensguard. Daenerys brings her dragon eggs to be placed at Drogo’s side, despite Jorah’s protests that they could sell the eggs and live wealthy in freedom. Daenerys has Mirri bound to the funeral pyre and lights it. She tells the maegi what Mirri told her, that only death can pay for life. Jhogo spots the blood red comet for the first time, taken by Daenerys as a good omen. The maegi screams as the flames engulf her, and soon after Daenerys walks into the blaze as Jorah and her khas plead with her not to. Dany, for an instant, glimpses Drogo on his horse, and then a cracking sound, like a stone shattering, is heard. As the fire dies, Jorah finds Daenerys alive, unburnt except for her hair, nursing three baby dragons. Ser Jorah and her khas swear their oaths before the mother of dragons. And for the first time in hundreds of years, the night came alive with the music of dragons.

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