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[[Category: A Song of Ice And Fire chapters|A Storm of Swords: Chapter 19]]
[[Category: A Song of Ice And Fire chapters|A Storm of Swords: Chapter 19]]
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[[Category: A Song of Ice And Fire chapters--POV Tyrion Lannister]]
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Tyrion III
A Storm of Swords chapter
POV Tyrion
Place King's Landing
Page 209 UK HC (Other versions)
Chapter chronology (All)
Tyrion II
Samwell I  ← Tyrion III →  Catelyn III

Tyrion IV


The small council meets to discuss the progress of the war, and Tyrion learns that Lancel is still near death. Randyll Tarly defeated the northmen attacking Duskendale, with Helman Tallhart reported dead, and Robett Glover fleeing west and being chased by Gregor Clegane. Tywin informs them that Daven Lannister is rounding up a new army and will join with men from the Golden Tooth, and then march on Riverrun when Robb Stark returns north. They all agree that Robb will march for Moat Cailin, for he is a king without a kingdom.

Kevan reveals that Balon Greyjoy has sent letters with terms of alliance. Greyjoy wants the North, but Tywin says they will not treat with Balon while other options may present themselves. Littlefinger agrees to go to the Eyrie to marry Lysa Arryn, and once he is consort, deliver the Vale of Arryn into Tywin's hands. Since Littlefinger will be leaving within a day, Tyrion is named master of coins. Pycelle informs them that 300 Dornishmen ride for King's Landing in response to Tyrion's negotiations, despite the hatred between Dorne and Highgarden that has gone on for hundreds of years.

Mace Tyrell does not like the idea of Dornishmen riding across the Reach. Tyrion considers how the Lord of Highgarden talked like a general although he had never won a decisive battle. His victory over Robert Baratheon at Ashford was won by Randyll Tarly and the siege of Storm's End lasted for a year without result until Eddard Stark relieved the castle.

Garlan Tyrell has been named Lord of Brightwater Keep since Alester Florent is a traitor. Varys brings word of a three-headed dragon being born in Qarth, and that the Night's Watch is begging for help against a wildling army. Lord Tywin does not want to hear about rumors of dragons, and is disinterested in news of wildlings, claiming that if the Wall is overrun, the Starks and Greyjoys will have a new enemy to deal with, even speculating they may be able to make a deal with Mance Rayder. He adjourns the meeting, asking Tyrion, Cersei and Kevan to stay. Tyrion warns them not to trust Littlefinger with this quest to the Vale, but Tywin is resolute, telling Tyrion that just the other day Baelish informed them of a plot by the Tyrells to bring Sansa to Highgarden and marry her to Willas. The Hand is aware that should Mace Tyrell ask leave to bring Sansa to Highgarden, they must consent or else offend the Tyrells. Tywin wishes to circumvent this problem by offering Cersei's hand in marriage to Willas. Cersei adamantly refuses but her father has the final say, and Cersei storms out of the room in a fury. Tywin then tells Tyrion that he will wed Sansa Stark, further solidifying the Lannisters's position, because should Robb die and Sansa and Tyrion have a son, the child will become Lord of Winterfell.

Tyrion also learns that Robb has broken his pledge with the Freys and married Jeyne Westerling. Ser Kevan reveals that Lord Westerling's wife is a Spicer, a house of extremely low birth having descended from traders. Tyrion is confused by the lack of fury in his father's eyes at this betrayal by the Westerlings, a house sworn to Casterly Rock. Lord Tywin states, "Jeyne Westerling is her mother's daughter, and Robb Stark is his father's son."[1]

References and Notes

  1. Jeyne's mother had wed a man of much higher birth than herself, and Robb married Jeyne after deflowering her because he was as honorable as his father.