Adrack Humble

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Adrack Humble
Allegiance House Humble[1]
Culture Ironborn[1]
Died In 300 AL[1], at Moat Cailin[1]
Book(s) A Dance with Dragons (appears)

Adrack Humble is an ironborn raider and a member of House Humble. He lost one of his arms in battle. He reportedly has a rock wife and three salt wives, three of whom were fat when Adrack left the Iron Islands.[1]

Recent events

A Dance with Dragons

When Ramsay Bolton sent Theon Greyjoy to give peace terms to the Ironborn promising them food and safe passage. Adrack Humble wanted to surrender and killed Dagon Codd with a throwing axe when the latter objected. He told Theon when he and the other ironborn marched unarmed to Boltons camp that when he returned to the Iron Islands, he would name a son after Theon in grattitude. After the surrender, he is heard screaming along the other Ironborn, during the night, by Theon.[1]

The next day, Theon notices that, among the sixty-three flayed bodies of the ironmen displayed on pikes along the moat, one of the bodies is one-armed.[1]

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