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{{Quote|You are a fool and a weakling, nephew. Do you think any man would ever have dared speak so to your [[Aegon I Targaryen|father]]? {{Ref|tsotd}}}} - [[Visenya Targaryen]] to [[Aenys I Targaryen]]
{{Quote|You are a fool and a weakling, nephew. Do you think any man would ever have dared speak so to your [[Aegon I Targaryen|father]]? {{Ref|tsotd}}}} - [[Visenya Targaryen]] to Aenys

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House Targaryen.svg
Aenys I
House Targaryen.svg
Portrait Aenys I by Amok©
Biographical Information
Reign 37 AC - 42 AC
Full Name Aenys Targaryen the First of His Name
Other Titles King of the Andals, the Rhoynar and the First Men
Lord of the Seven Kingdoms
Protector of the Realm
Born in 7 AC[1], at Dragonstone[citation needed]
Died in 42 AC[2], at Dragonstone[3]
Royal House House Targaryen
Predecessor Aegon I Targaryen
Heir Aegon Targaryen
Successor Maegor I Targaryen
Queen Alyssa Velaryon
Issue Rhaena Targaryen
Aegon Targaryen
Viserys Targaryen
Jaehaerys Targaryen
Alysanne Targaryen
Vaella Targaryen
Father Aegon I Targaryen
Mother Rhaenys Targaryen
Books The World of Ice and Fire (mentioned)
A Game of Thrones (mentioned)

Aenys I Targaryen was the second Targaryen king to sit the Iron Throne. He was the son of King Aegon I Targaryen by his sister-wife Queen Rhaenys Targaryen. His younger half-brother was Maegor I Targaryen.

Character and Appearance

Aenys was tall like his father, but softer, slender, weedy and dreamy. His eyes were lilac, paler than his father's. His hair was perfumed, shoulder-length in ringlet curls. He wore a silky pointed mustache and beard. He dressed in velvet robes the same lilac color as his eyes, with gold lining and and ermine collar. His crown was of gold, elaborate and much larger than his father's.[4] He was considered weak at birth and early childhood, but once he bonded with his dragon, Quicksilver, he rapidly became stronger and more confident.[5]

Aenys was a dreamer and a dabbler in alchemy;[3] he loved court life just as Rhaenys had, and he was a great patron of the arts.[6][3] He was a good singer, with a "strong, sweet voice".[7] Aenys could also make friends very easily, and was very popular with women.[8] Young girls doted on him.[7] He loved to ride, but his favorite mount was always his dragon Quicksilver.[7] But Aenys hungered too much for approval, and hesitated over decisions for fear of disappointing one side or another.[3]


Early life

Aenys was born on Dragonstone in 7 AC, the son of Aegon the Conqueror and Queen Rhaenys Targaryen. He was born with spindly limbs and cried all the time, once for a fortnight.[9] He refused to nurse from wet nurses and would only nurse at his mother's breast.[9] Rumors abounded that he could be no true son of Aegon the Conqueror, who was a peerless warrior, and that perhaps his father had been one of the singers or mummers that Rhaenys had delighted in.[3]

Aenys was three years old when his mother died in Dorne.[10] Always weak and sickly, the death of his mother shattered the boy, and there were doubts as to whether he would live.[8] He even went back to crawling around as if he were a baby.[9] It was at this time that Queen Visenya conceived Maegor with Aegon, in case a new heir to the throne was required.[8] But when Aenys was given the hatchling dragon Quicksilver, his condition quickly improved, and "as the dragon grew, so too did Aenys." The rumors that he was not Aegon's son ended at this time.[3]

Aenys was not close with his half-brother Maegor while growing up, as he was kept by his father's side in King's Landing, while Visenya and Maegor lived on Dragonstone. Aenys was trained by his father's Kingsguard, but lacked his brother's size and strength. From time to time Aegon would place Blackfyre in his hand.[9]

Aenys was married to Alyssa Velaryon in 22 AC. Their marriage was a political match,[6] and together they had six children; three sons (Aegon, Viserys and Jaehaerys) and three daughters (Rhaena, Alysanne and Vaella).[11]

In 37 AC, King Aegon died of a stroke at Dragonstone. Aenys was at Highgarden when he learned of his father's death, and swiftly flew Quicksilver to Dragonstone for the funeral and coronation.[12] Maegor spoke the eulogy for their father. Aenys then donned his father's iron-and-ruby crown, and was proclaimed king by Grand Maester Gawen.[1] After Aegon's cremation, Aenys gifted his brother Maegor with the sword Blackfyre, traditionally held by kings, and admitted to all those assembled that he was not nearly the warrior his brother was.[13] He told Maegor that they would rule together.[7]

In King's Landing, Aenys was cheered by many when he came to sit his father's throne. Subsequently, Aenys set out for Oldtown to receive the blessing of the High Septon . His wife and children accopmanied him on a grand royal progress. At the Starry Sept, the High Septon anointed him and crowned him with a new crown, large and ornate: made of yellow gold, and with the faces of the Seven inlaid in jade and pearl.[1]


King Aenys I upon the Iron Throne. Art by Magali Villeneuve

Aenys's ascension to the throne, upon the death of his father Aegon, led to many uprisings by lords who considered him weak. Aenys proved to be weak and indecisive during these crises, and was unable to effectively take action against them. Much of the responsibility fell to others.[3]

The first of these challenges was by a bandit outlaw known as Red Harren, who claimed to be a grandson of Harren the Black. The last of the four rebels to be killed, Harren was eventually cornered by Aenys's Hand of the King, Lord Alyn Stokeworth. Harren killed Alyn in the fighting, but was in turn killed by Alyn's squire.[3]

On the Iron Islands, a man who claimed to be King Lodos reborn was dispatched by Goren Greyjoy. Goren sent the pickled head of the would-be king in a jar to King Aenys. In gratitude, Aenys granted Goren a boon. This would proof a regrettable decision, as Lord Goren used the boon to oust the Faith of the Seven from the Iron Islands, to the dismay of the rest of the realm and to the anger of the Faith.[3]

The Vulture King rose in the Dornish marches, and gathered many followers. The Martells mostly ignored the Vulture King, and while Princess Deria Martell assured King Aenys that they were doing everything they could to put the rebellion down, in the end it came down to the Marcher lords to resolve the situation. Former Hand of the King, Lord Orys Baratheon, and the Marcher lords, including Savage Sam Tarly, took part in the chase which became known as the Vulture Hunt.[3]

In the Vale, Jonos Arryn rose against his own brother, Lord Ronnel Arryn. Lord Royce gathered forces and penned Jonos up in the Eyrie, which caused the death of Ronnel[3] and his family.[8] In the end, it was Prince Maegor Targaryen who flew up to the Eyrie on Balerion to resolve the situation, and had Jonos and all his followers hanged.[3]

A new crisis arose in 39 AC, when Prince Maegor took a second wife while his first wife was still alive. This angered the Faith of the Seven and the High Septon. Aenys tried to placate the Faith by stripping Maegor of his office and sending him into exile to Pentos. Septon Murmison was appointed new Hand of the King by Aenys as a way to try and appease the Faith of the Seven, though this could not completely fix matters.[3]

Aenys further enraged the Faith in 41 AC, when he wed his daughter, Princess Rhaena, to his son and heir, Prince Aegon. Aenys received a denunciation from the Faith, addressed to "King Abomination". The pious lords of the realm, and even the smallfolk who had once loved Aenys, turned against him. Murmison was expelled from the Faith for performing the incestuous wedding, and was torn apart by smallfolk in a litter two weeks after he performed the ceremony. Thus the Faith Militant uprising began.[3]

The Warrior's Sons fortified the Sept of Remembrance on Rhaenys's Hill. Some Poor Fellows attempted to murder the King and his family, scaling the walls of the castle, and slipping into the royal apartments. It was only thanks to Ser Raymont Baratheon, a knight of the Kingsguard, that the royal family survived.[14][3] In the face of this, Aenys abandoned the city with his family and fled to the safety of Dragonstone, where Dowager Queen Visenya Targaryen counseled him to bring "Fire and Blood" to the Starry Sept and Sept of Remembrance. Aenys, incapable of making a firm decision, fell ill. By late 41 AC, most of the realm had turned against him. Thousands of Poor Fellows prowled the roads threatening and slaying any of the King's supporters, and dozens of lords took up arms against the Iron Throne.[3]

According to Grand Maester Gawen, Aenys looked like a man of sixty even though he was only thirty-five years old, and the maester despaired of improving his condition. However, Dowager Queen Visenya took over his care and Aenys briefly improved. But he suffered a collapse upon learning that his eldest son and daughter were besieged at Crakehall during their yearly progress.[3]


Aenys died in 42 AC, after only ruling for five years, at the age of thirty-five.[3] The circumstances of Aenys's death are under much speculation. Some say he died from stress, others that he was killed by Dowager Queen Visenya Targaryen so she could place her son Maegor on the Iron Throne. Visenya was known as many things, but a woman of pity is not one of them, so many asked why she tended to the care of the nephew she despised.[3]

The Iron Throne, due to Visenya's actions after Aenys' death, passed to Aenys's half-brother Maegor instead of Aenys's eldest son Aegon.[15] In the turmoil that followed Aenys's death and his half-brother's coronation, two of Aenys's sons (Aegon and Viserys) would be killed during their uncle's brutal reign.[15]

Small Council under Aenys I

During the reign of King Aenys, his small council had the following known members:

Office Duration Name
Hand of the King 37 AC - 37 AC Lord Alyn Stokeworth
37 AC - 39 AC Prince Maegor Targaryen
39 AC - 41 AC Septon Murmison
Grand Maester 37 AC - 42 AC Gawen


You are a fool and a weakling, nephew. Do you think any man would ever have dared speak so to your father? [1]

- Visenya Targaryen to Aenys


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