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| Character_name = [[File:House Velaryon.PNG|50px]] '''Alyn Velaryon''' [[File:House Velaryon.PNG|50px]]
| Character_name = [[File:House Velaryon.PNG|50px|left]] '''Alyn Velaryon''' [[File:House Velaryon.PNG|50px|right]]
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House Velaryon.PNG
Alyn Velaryon
House Velaryon.PNG
Alias The Oakenfist
Lord Oakenfist
Allegiance House Velaryon
Book(s) A Feast for Crows (Mentioned)
A Dance with Dragons (Mentioned)

Alyn Velaryon, also known as the Oakenfist, was an admiral during the reign of his cousin Daeron I.


Alyn Velaryon took part in the Conquest of Dorne. He commanded a fleet that broke the Planky Town and swept halfway up the Greenblood river while the main Dornish strength was engaged in the Prince's Pass.

According to semi-canon sources, he had two children with his cousin, Elaena Targaryen, Jon and Jeyne Waters. [1] He loved her even though he was married to another. [2]

References and Notes

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