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| image_caption =  
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| Alias = the Oakenfist
| Alias = The Oakenfist<br>Lord Oakenfist
| Title =  
| Title =  
| Allegiance = [[House Velaryon]]
| Allegiance = [[House Velaryon]]

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House Velaryon.PNG Alyn Velaryon House Velaryon.PNG
Alias The Oakenfist
Lord Oakenfist
Allegiance House Velaryon
Book(s) A Feast for Crows

Alyn Velaryon, also known as the Oakenfist, was an admiral.


Alyn Velaryon was an admiral and took part in Daeron I Targaryen's invasion of Dorne. He commanded a fleet that broke the Planky Town and swept halfway up the Greenblood river while the main Dornish strength was engaged in the Prince's Pass.

According to semi-canon sources, he had two children with his cousin, Elaena Targaryen, Jon and Jeyne Waters. [1] He loved her even though he was married to another. She named their children 'waters' in honor of Alyn.[2]

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