Bennis of the Brown Shield

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Ser Bennis of the Brown shield
Title ser
Allegiance ser Eustache Osgrey
Book(s) The Sworn Sword

Ser Bennis, ser Bennis of the Brown Shield, was a Hedge Knight during the reigns of Daeron II Targaryen and Aerys I Targaryen.

In The Sworn Sword

Together with ser Duncan the Tall and his squire, Egg, Bennis serves Eustace Osgrey at Standfast. Duncan remembers that ser Bennis used to serve together with ser Arlan of Pennytree

Ser Bennis rides with Duncan to find out why the Chequyriver dried up. The find out that villagers from the Red Widow have built a dam and are diverting the water to their lands and the moat of Coldmoat. When the villagers refuse to break the dam, ser Bennis wounds one of them in the cheek.

When the knights tell their lord about the event, Ser Eustace warns them that the Red Widow will take the wounding of one of her man as a slight to her honour and will relatiate. On the advice of Ser Eustache, ser Duncan tries to pay "the bloodprice", a compansation in money but Lady Rohanne refuses. She threaten that she will come for Bennis with fire and steel if he does not give himself up.

Ser Eustache orders the knights to go to his villagers and call them up for service. Ser Bennis and Duncan start to train the men but realize that they will not serve. In the end ser Eustache, Duncan and Egg ride to the river to wait for the Lady Rohanne and her men. Bennis stays at Standfast because the sight of him will infuriate Lady Rohanne. While at the river the dispute is settled in a fight between ser Duncan and ser Lucas Longinch, the champion of Lady Rohanne ser Bennis steals all valuable items in Standfast and flees.


Ser Bennis is a big man. He seldom washes and has a red mouth from eating sourleaf.