Blue Bard

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Alias Blue Bard
Allegiance House Tyrell
Book(s) A Feast for Crows
A Dance with Dragons

The Blue Bard is a singer in service with House Tyrell. His real name is Wat.[1] He is young. He dresses all in blue.[2] He dyes his curly, shoulder-length hair blue in the Tyroshi fashion.[3]


Wat was the son of a chandler and was raised in the trade, however he found he had more talent for making lutes. When he was twelve years old he ran away to join a musician troupe. He had wandered half the Reach before coming to King's Landing in search of patronage.[4]

Recent Events

A Feast for Crows

As part of the Tyrell entourage, he sings at the wedding of Tommen I and Margaery Tyrell.[5] Queen Cersei connived to use the Blue Bard as a pawn in her efforts to remove Margaery from King's Landing. She had him arrested and sent to the dungeons for seducing Margaery, though he claimed he never had. He was tortured by Qyburn and told to tell the story like Cersei wanted. Under torture he named Margaery's false lovers as...

He also originally named Ser Loras Tyrell and the Redwyne twins aswell but Cersei Lannister knew no one who ever knew Loras would ever believe that and she needed House Redwyne and their ships to deal with the Ironborn so she dared not risk offending them. So she reminded Wat they had nothing to do with it.[6] After Margaery was successfully framed, Cersei had the Blue Bard arrested once again. He was tortured once again by the Faith but continued to tell the story Cersei wanted him to.[7]

A Dance with Dragons

The blue bard is still being held by the faith. According to Kevan Lannister he appears to have gone mad.

References and Notes