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The Four Cannibals - by Marc Fishman

Cannibalism is the act or practice of humans eating the flesh or internal organs of other human beings.


According to The Edge of the World by Maester Balder, in ancient days men of Skagos sailed to the nearby island Skane, seizing all the women, killing all the men, and feasting on their flesh for a fortnight.[1][2]

According to legend the Rat Cook served an Andal king, identified either as King Tywell II of the Rock or King Oswell I of the Vale,[3] a pie that was made of bacon and, unknown to the king, the king's son. The cook killed the prince in revenge for a wrong the king supposedly did to him. The king was unaware of this, however, as he ate and praised the taste and asked for a second piece.

Cannibal Bay is a legendary place where it is claimed some of the thousand ships entombed there are inhabited by the descendants of the original crews, who survive by feasting on the flesh of the newly trapped sailors.[4]

The Others are said to feed their dead servants on the flesh of human children.


The Amethyst Empress’s younger brother, who cast her down and slew her, was said to have practiced cannibalism.[5]

The inhabitants of the Cannibal Sands allegedly consume human flesh.[6]


The Sothoryi from regions further south are more savage, and are known for cannibalism.

Recent Events

A Feast for Crows

In Harrenhal Shitmouth and Raff the Sweetling inform Jaime Lannister that Gregor Clegane, in a mockery of Vargo Hoat's preferred way of torturing his prisoners, cut off Vargo's limbs piece by piece over an extended period of time while he had the wounds bandaged so that Vargo stayed alive. Vargo first lost his hands and feet, then his arms and legs. The extremities as well as other parts of Vargo's body were then fed as "roast goat" to northern prisoners that Gregor brought to Harrenhal, including Ser Wylis Manderly, as well as to Vargo himself.[7]

A Dance with Dragons

The thousands of survivors from the siege of Astapor resort to cannibalism of the diseased refugees.

During King Stanni’s harsh winter campaign, four House Peasebury soldiers are staked and burned by queen's men at a crofters' village for cannibalism. It is rumored that Robin Peasebury may also have eaten human flesh.[8]

Rhaegar Frey, Jared Frey and Symond Frey go missing after departing White Harbor. During the wedding of Arya Stark Wyman Manderly presents three huge pies at the wedding feast while requesting a song from the singer Abel about the Rat Cook, implying the three Freys were actually present at the wedding after all.

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