Dick Crabb

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Dick Crabb
Alias Nimble Dick
Allegiance House Crabb
Died In +/- 300 AL, at Whispers
Book(s) A Feast for Crows

Dick Crabb, better known as Nimble Dick, is a former soldier. He has a sharp face with brown hair and is very thin.[1]


He has a sister. Her sister was bedded by a knight's son and then went off to King's Landing to take a job as a whore.[2]

Recent Events

A Feast for Crows

Brienne of Tarth was told to find Dick at the Stinking Goose in Maidenpool after she heard that he had helped a fool in motley escape from Maidenpool. Dick came in and explained to Brienne how he had tricked a fool and had brought him to a place where no ships had landed in thirty years. He offered to help Brienne find the fool and those with him for gold.[3]

Dick led Brienne to the Whispers where they encountered the fool that Dick had sold the map to. It turned out to be Shagwell of the Brave Companions, with his companions, Timeon and Pyg. Dick pointed out that Shagwell was the fool he sold the map to and Shagwell killed him. After Brienne killed the other two, she made Shagwell dig a grave for Dick. Once the grave was finished, Shagwell attempted to kill Brienne with a knife but failed and Brienne killed him, avenging Dick.[4]

References and Notes