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Septon Meribald, donkey, Dog, Brienne and her companions by the mudflats - by Pojypojy ©

Donkey is a small donkey belonging to Septon Meribald. The donkey’s name is never mentioned.

Recent Events

A Feast for Crows

The donkey travels with Septon Meribald, Dog, Brienne of Tarth, and her companions through the riverlands. [1] With the donkey bearing such a heavy load and Meribald afoot the going is sometimes slow. Brienne is half afraid that its back might break. The load consists of food for the poor and hungry of the riverlands, including seeds and nuts and dried fruit, oaten porridge, flour, barley bread, three wheels of yellow cheese from the inn by Fool’s Gate, salt cod for Meribald and salt mutton for Dog. There is also onions, carrots, turnips, two sacks of beans, flour of barley, and nine of oranges. [1]

Meribald leads the donkey on the path of faith to the Quiet Isle while he probes the way ahead with his quarterstaff. Brienne follows behind, taking care to keep close to the line of prints left by the dog, the donkey, and the holy man.

Later, when the group arrives at the inn at the crossroads, Podrick Payne and some boys unpack the donkey and carry in the salt cod, mutton, vegetables, nuts, and wheels of cheese.

After Brienne’s fight with Biter she is taken captive by outlaws who inform her that Meribald was set free to go upon his way.[2] Presumably he may have been allowed to take his donkey with him.

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