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Allegiance Rhaena Targaryen
Helaena Targaryen
Died In 130 AC, at the Dragonpit
Book(s) The Rogue Prince (Mentioned)
The Princess and the Queen (Appears)
The World of Ice and Fire (Mentioned)

Dreamfyre was a mature she-dragon. She was once the mount of Princess Rhaena Targaryen, and later became the mount of Princess Helaena Targaryen.[1]


Dreamfyre was slender for a dragon. Her coloration was primarily pale blue, with silver markings (presumably along her horns and wing membranes). Dreamfyre was big enough for the 12 year old Rhaena Targaryen to ride in 35 AC.[2]

Dreamfyre was explicitly described as a "she-dragon": by 43 AC, she had already laid two clutches of eggs.[2]


Dreamfyre was hatched at some point during the reign of Aegon I Targaryen - apparently one of the half dozen or so hatchlings that had been born on Dragonstone later in the Conqueror's reign. Dreamfyre bonded with Aegon I's first grandchild, Princess Rhaena Targaryen, and when Rhaena herself was 12 years old she began riding Dreamfyre (in 35 AC AC, two years prior to Aegon I's death).[3][2]

When the Faith Militant uprising broke out in 42 AC, Rhaena and her brother-husband Prince Aegon were at Crakehall in the westerlands on a royal progress: angry mobs of Poor Fellows soon besieged them in the castle - apparently without Rhaena's dragon. Rhaena and Aegon's father King Aenys died a few weeks later on Dragonstone, however, and his half-brother Maegor Targaryen usurped the throne ahead of young Aegon. The Faith Militant forces withdrew from Crakehall to face Maegor's armies to the east, allowing Rhaena and young Aegon to flee to Casterly Rock, where Lord Lyman Lannister offered them Guest right, but would not agree to openly march his armies against their half-uncle.

Through as-yet unexplained circumstances, at some point in the next year, young Aegon acquired his father Aenys's own dragon, Quicksilver - as by 43 AC it seems that Quicksilver and Dreamfyre were present with Rhaena and Aegon at Casterly Rock.

Young Aegon then rallied enough forces from lesser Houses in the westerlands and the riverlands to march east against his half-uncle, leading an army 15,000 strong along with Quicksilver. Dreamfyre did not accompany them on this campaign, for unclear reasons. Possibly because Dreamfyre was too young or slight to be of much use, or more probably, because Rhaena had only just recently given birth to twin daughters and was not yet strong enough to ride. Whatever the case, Aegon an Maegor's armies clashed at the Battle Beneath the Gods Eye, where Maegor and Balerion killed Aegon and Quicksilver.

Rhaena sent her twin daughters into hiding, but realized she couldn't easily hide her dragon. Therefore she flew Dreamfyre west to hide a Faircastle, on Fair Isle off the coast in the Sunset Sea. Rhaena knew that it was a matter of when, not if, Maegor would find where she was hiding. Therefore she simply waited with Dreamfyre on Fair Isle - resting, reading and praying. When Faircastle ultimately did receive messages from Maegor in 47 AC commanding Rhaena to return to King's Landing, she was not surprised, but did not wish to bring Maegor's wrath and Balerion's fires down on Fair Isle. Therefore she voluntarily acquiesced, and flew Dreamfyre back to the Red Keep.

Maegor forced Rhaena to marry him - the man who had killed her own brother-husband Aegon - as one of three "Black Brides" in a triple marriage ceremony. But Maegor's already tyrannical reign started spiralling out of control during the following year. After Maegor killed his other wives Alys Harroway and Tyanna of Pentos in rapid succession, much of the realm began to openly turn against him. In 48 AC at Storm's End, Rhaena's youngest brother Jaehaerys I Targaryen returned from exile and declared himself king. Their sister Alysanne Targaryen was with him as well, along with both of their young dragons: Jaehaerys's Vermithor and Alysanne's Silverwing.

When word reached the Red Keep that rebel forces were gathering to Jaehaerys at Storm's End, Rhaena daringly escaped from the Red Keep mounted on Dreamfyre - along with her elder daughter Aerea, and Maegor's sword Blackfyre, stolen from his scabbard while he slept. Soon Maegor was dead and Jaehaerys was crowned king.

Dreamfyre later bonded with Queen Helaena Targaryen. During the Dance of the Dragons, after Helaena's six year old son was slain during the civil war, Helaena spent her days in darkness, weeping, and was not capable of riding her dragon. She eventually went mad with grief and threw herself from her window in Maegor's Holdfast and died. At the moment of her death Dreamfyre rose suddenly with a roar that shook the Dragonpit and snapped two of the chains that bound her.[1]

During the Storming of the Dragonpit the four dragons lairing within the dome were in chains. Dreamfyre was the only dragon able to break free when the mob broke in. She broke from her remaining bonds and took wing. She circled the cavernous interior of the dome and swooped down to attack the men below. She slew more men that the other three dragons combined. The mob pushed through her attacks and she was within easy reach of archers and crossbowmen. They loosed arrows and quarrels at the her. Wherever she landed men swarmed to attack her driving her back into the air. Eventually one of her eyes was nicked by a crossbow bolt. Half-blind and maddened Dreamfyre flew into the Dragonpit’s great dome above. The already weakened dome cracked on impact and half of it came tumbling down, crushing her and dragonslayers under tons of broken stone and rubble.[1]

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