Fight at the Bridge of Skulls

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Battle of the Bridge of Skulls
Conflict War of the Five Kings
Date +/- 300 AL
Place Bridge of Skulls, the Gorge
Result Night's Watch victory
Night's Watch wildlings
Bowen Marsh Weeper
unknown 300
Ser Endrew Tarth+
Ser Aladale Wynch+

The Battle of the Bridge of Skulls was a costly victory for the Night's Watch. It was fought on the Bridge of Skulls in the Gorge.


Mance Rayder had led the gathered wildlings south to attack the Wall. In order to draw away the defenders from Castle Black, he sent raiding parties over the Wall at several places. Bowen Marsh, the castellan of Castle Black, took the bait and with the majority of the men at Castle Black, set off after the raiding parties.

While the main strength was away from Castle Black and the gate beneath the Wall that it guards, Mance would then assault the gate and break through the Wall.


Bowen Marsh cornered the Weeper and three hundred wildlings on the Bridge of Skulls. It was a bloody battle, with a hundred brothers of the Night's Watch slain in the engagement. It is unknown what the wildling casualties were.[1]


Bowen Marsh was seriously wounded in the battle and had to be carried to the Shadow Tower in a litter. Ser Endrew Tarth and Ser Aladale Wynch were slain in the battle. This delayed the return of the garrison to Castle Black, which was under assault from the main wildling force.[2]

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