Fourth Dornish War

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Fourth Dornish War
Date 83 AC
Location Off the coast of Cape Wrath
Result House Targaryen victory
House TargaryenHouse Martell
Notable commanders
King Jaehaerys I Targaryen
Prince Aemon Targaryen
Prince Baelon Targaryen
Lord Boremund Baratheon
Prince Morion Martell
Forces of House Baratheon on coast.
Dornish Fleet
NonePrince Morian Martell
Entire Dornish fleet and all its crew

The Fourth Dornish War better known as Prince Morion's Madness or the War of a hundred candles took place in 83 AC.[1]


The new Prince of Dorne Morion Martell angered by his fathers inaction during the Third Dornish War, decided to wash this slight away with a foolish invasion of the Stormlands. [1]


The Fourth Dornish War was fought and won in a single day. King Jaehaerys I Targaryen and his sons Prince Aemon Targaryen & Prince Baelon descended from the skies mounted on their dragons, Vermithor, Caraxes & Vhagar. Though the Dornish Fleet responded by filling the air with scorpion and crossbow bolts, none of the projectiles pierced the dragons scales. One by one, the ships went up in dragon flame, they were still burning when the sun went down, like a hundred candles floating on the sea. [1]


For half a year, burned bodies of the Dornish crew would wash up on Cape Wrath, but not a single living Dornishman set foot on the Stormlands. Jaehaerys and his sons received a riotous welcome on there return to King's Landing. Even Aegon the Conqueror had never won a war without losing a man.[1]


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