Glendon Flowers

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Glendon Flowers
Title Ser
Book(s) The Mystery Knight
Personal Arms A fireball blazing red and yellow across a night black field[1]

Ser Glendon Flowers, who referred to himself as Ser Glendon Ball but was commonly referred to as the Knight of the Pussywillows, was a hedge knight. During the reign of Aerys I he was short and chunky, with thick shoulders and arms heavy with muscle. He had with small, close-set eyes, thick eyebrows, a big nose and a prominent chin.[2] He claimed to be the son of Ser Quentyn Ball and used his father's coat-of-arms, a fireball blazing red and yellow across a night black field, as his own.[3]


Ser Glendon was knighted by Ser Morgan Dunstable in front of two dozen witnesses.[4]

The Mystery Knight

Ser Glendon is among the hedge knights who are camped next to the lake. He had come to Whitewalls to claim the dragon egg prize and make a name for himself. After almost being refused entry to the castle, Ser Glendon took part in the tourney. In his first joust he faced Ser Argrave the Defiant. He unhorsed him in the first tilt.

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