Glendon Flowers

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Glendon Flowers
Fireball crest.png

Alias Glendon Ball
Knight of the Pussywillows
Title Ser
Born In 196 AC[1]
Book(s) The Mystery Knight (Appears)
Personal Arms A fireball blazing red and yellow across a night black field[2]

Ser Glendon Flowers was a hedge knight during the reign of King Aerys I Targaryen. He referred to himself as Ser Glendon Ball, but was commonly referred to as the Knight of the Pussywillows.


Glendon was short and chunky, with thick shoulders and arms heavy with muscle. He had small, close-set eyes, thick eyebrows, a big nose and a prominent chin.[2] He claimed to be the son of Ser Quentyn Ball and used his father's coat-of-arms, a fireball blazing red and yellow across a night black field, as his own.[2]


Glendon's mother was a camp follower, known as Penny Jenny to those who visited her. Among her known lovers was Ser Quentyn Ball. The night before the Battle of the Redgrass Field she lay with dozens of men, which earned her a new nickname, Redgrass Jenny. After the battle, Redgrass Jenny established herself in King's Landing at an establishment called the Pussywillows. There she raised her two children: her son, who would be known as Ser Glendon Flowers, and her daughter who would become a whore. After she died, the other women working at the Pussywillows raised the two children and told them the story that the mother had put about that the two children were the result of her coupling with Ser Quentyn Ball. He was taught the knightly arts by an old squire that lived nearby. Half a year before the Whitewalls Tourney, Ser Glendon was knighted by Ser Morgan Dunstable in front of two dozen witnesses only after Ser Glendon's sister agreed to give up her virginity to Ser Morgan in exchange.[2]

The Mystery Knight

Ser Glendon is among the hedge knights who are camped next to the lake. He had come to Whitewalls to claim the dragon egg prize and make a name for himself. After almost being refused entry to the castle, Ser Glendon takes part in the tourney. In his first joust he faces Ser Argrave the Defiant. He unhorses him in the first tilt. Among those he unhorses at the tourney are Lord Alyn Cockshaw, Lord Costayne and Ser Mortimer Boggs.[2]

In an effort to remove him from the path of Daemon II Blackfyre and victory, Lord Gormon Peake frames Ser Glendon with the theft of the dragon egg. He is tortured by Ser Tommard Heddle while in the dungeons and is only released on the condition he face Daemon in a joust. While still reeling from the effects of the torture, he unhorses Daemon II in the first tilt, proving his innocence.[2]

References and Notes

  1. Glendon was judged to be either 16, 17 or 18 years old in 212AC by Duncan the Tall [TMK]. That gives Glendon the following options: (1) 15 turning 16, placing his birth in 196AC, (2) 16 turning 17, placing his birth in 195AC, (3) 17 turning 18, placing his birth in 194AC, or (4) 18 turning 19, placing his birth in 193AC. Glendons father died in 196AC, before Glendon’s birth [TMK]. This means that Glendon’s first possible moment of birth is also 196AC. This eliminates the three options of 195AC, 194AC and 193AC (since Glendon's father was still alive in those years), thereby confirming that Glendon was born in 196 AC.
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