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Dorne and the location of the Greenblood
Dorne and the location of the Greenblood
Dorne and the location of the Greenblood
Orphans of the Greenblood on a vessel on the Greenblood. © FFG

The Greenblood is a river in southern Dorne and is the principal Dornish river. The river takes its name from its murky green waters which are slow-moving and shallow.[1] It is formed by the confluence of the Vaith and the Scourge near Godsgrace. Planky Town lies at the Greenblood's mouth on the Summer Sea.[2]

The orphans of the Greenblood live on rafts along the river.[1]


A dozen First Men houses of the Greenblood—including Houses Briar, Brook, Brownhill, Holt, Lake, Shell, and Wade—chose a High King of Dorne from amongst their number. Three of the houses were destroyed after a generation of warfare following a disputed election, however.[3] The remaining houses were conquered during the Andal invasion, with the Shells and Wades defeated by House Martell.[4]

During the conquest of Dorne, Oakenfist broke the Planky Town and sailed up the Greenblood.[5]

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