Hairy Men

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The "hairy men" were one of the cultures of men established on western Essos, in what would become Andalos. Their actual name is lost to history, though they are still remembered in some Pentoshi histories. The Ibbenese are akin to the hairy men, though it is unknown if the hairy men settled Ib or if the hairy men originated there and then spread out to the mainland of Essos.[1]

Hairy men akin to the Ibbenese, small and dark, also settled on Lorath but shunned the mazes of mazemakers. They, in turn, were displaced by the Andals, who invaded the Lorathi islands and slaughtered them in the name of the Seven and taking their women and children as slaves.[2]

There are also tales of Hairy Men, describing them as a race of savage and shaggy warriors, who rode to battle on unicorns and larger in size to the Ibbenese of the present, their descendants. Huzhor Amai, the mythic hero king and ancestor of the Sarnori, wore about his shoulders a great cloak made from the pelt of a king of the Hairy Men.[3]

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