Harry Strickland

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Harry Strickland
Alias Homeless Harry Strickland
Title Captain
Allegiance the Golden Company
Book A Dance with Dragons

Harry Strickland, also known as Homeless Harry Strickland, is the current commander to the Golden Company.


Harry Striklands great grandsire lost his lands when he rose with Daemon Blackfyre so Harry was born in exile and raised with the Golden Company as was his father and his grandfather. He likes to boost "Gold for four generations". He also complains often of blisters on his feet from long marches and is not the bravest of men.

Recent Events

A Dance with Dragons

After the death of Blackheart, Harry was made the new company commander and he brought the company to Volantis. Jon Connington and Aegon Targaryen meet him and his commanders. When the company invaded Westoras Harry was always weary and reluctant to fight. Connington looks down on him constantly as a coward.


Harry Strikland looks little like a warrior he is portly, with a big round head, mild grey eyes and thinning grey hair that he brushes sideways to cover up a bald spot.