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[[Category:House Kenning of Kayce]]
[[Category:House Kenning of Kayce]]
[[fr:Trompe de Sarocq]]
[[fr:Trompe de Sarocq]]

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The Horn of Herrock is a black, twisted horn that is banded with gold. It is named after Herrock Kenning, the founder of House Kenning of Kayce.[1]


Herrock the Whoreson used the horn as a signal for the whores of Kayce to open a postern gate, allowing his men to take the town from the ironborn for House Lannister.[2]

Recent Events

A Feast for Crows

Ser Jaime Lannister orders Ser Kennos of Kayce to blow the Horn of Herrock to announce his arrival before the barred gates of Harrenhal,[3] and does so again when they arrive at Darry.[4] Kennos sounds it a third time upon their arrival at Riverrun.[5]

References and Notes