House Flint of the mountains

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House Flint
of the mountains
Seat North of the Wolfswood
Region The North,
Title The Flint,
Lord Flint
Overlord House Stark
Cadet Branch House Flint of Widow's Watch
House Flint of Flint's Finger

House Flint of the mountains is the formal name given to the mountain clan of the Flints at the North that inhabit the high mountains north of the Wolfswood.[1] They however like to called the First Flints since the other Flints were cadet branches of the familly. Its chief is known as "The Flint", although at Winterfell the treatment of "Lord Flint" would be used.

Their arms or motto do not appear in the books, neither has the author submitted them in semi-canon material.

The Flint mountain clan at the end of the third century

  • Torghen Flint, of the First Flints, called "The Flint", or "Old Flint".
  • Donnel Flint, called "Black Donnel Flint", his son and heir.
  • Artos Flint, his second son, half-brother to Black Donnel.

References in the books

A Song of Ice and Fire

  • The Flints are reported to have ties to House Hornwood through the female line, though the text does not specify which branch.
  • Bran recalls there are some Flints living in the high places during his trip to the Wall with Hodor and the Reeds.
  • Eddard's maternal grandmother had been a Flint from the mountains. Old Nan used to say to Bran that it was her blood that made him to climb so foolishly.[2]
  • Lord Commander Rodrik Flint is regarded as one of the worst commanders of the Night's Watch, for trying to make himself King-Beyond-the-Wall.
  • One of the dark legends surrounding the Nightfort is the rape and murder of brave young Danny Flint.
  • It is suggested that the Night's King was a Flint, among the many possibilites.
  • The Flints join Stannis Baratheon in his campaign to take the North away from the Ironborn and House Bolton.

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