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Kayakayanaya is a city in Essos.[1] It is one of the three fortress cities that were once part of the Patrimony of Hyrkoon and was founded by the Patriarchs of Hyrkoon.[2]


The Steel Road, that penetrates the Bone Mountains, leads from Vaes Dothrak and the Mother of Mountains to Kayakayanaya, which lies on the eastern side of the Krazaaj Zasqa.[3] Fur-clad warriors ride the Steel Road escorting caravans to and from Kayakayanaya.[2]

The walls of the city are black basalt, black iron, and yellow bone.[2]


The city is known for its warrior maids who wear iron rings in their nipples and rubies in their cheeks, similar to those of Bayasabhad and Shamyriana.[1] It is said that these cities are defended by women out of the belief that only those who give birth are permitted to take life at will.[4]

Like its sister cities, Kayakayanaya is ruled by the Great Fathers. Their daughters learn to ride and climb before they learn to walk and are trained in the arts of bow, spear, knife, and sling from the earliest age. Meanwhile, ninety nine of every hundred boys, the sons of the Great Fathers, are gelded when they reach the age of manhood and live out their lives as eunuchs, serving their cities as scribes, priests, scholars, servants, cooks, farmers, and craftsmen. Only the most promising males, the largest, strongest, and most comely, are permitted to mature, breed, and become Great Fathers in their turn. Maester Naylin in his Rubies and Iron speculates on the circumstances that led to such customs.[2]

Over the centuries the city has faced countless assaults from the Jogos Nhai, a result of an ancient war between the Patrimony of Hyrkoon and the zorse-riders of the plains, which saw thousands of Hyrkoon carried off into slavery and many more Jogos Nhai sacrificed to the gods of Hyrkoon.[5]

Recent Events

A Game of Thrones

In the Eastern Market of Vaes Dothrak, Daenerys Targaryen sees warrior maids from Kayakayanaya.[1]


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