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The Kingswood Brotherhood was an infamous outlaw organization during the reign of Aerys II. Operating out of the Kingswood, the Brotherhood gained recognition by kidnapping several nobles and evading early attempts to capture them. Ultimately they became such a nuisance that King Aerys sent a detachment of soldiers led by notable members of the Kingsguard to destroy them. Lord Sumner Crakehall and his two squires, Jaime Lannister and Merrett Frey, were also part of the rentinue.

Resolution of the Brotherhood

The Brotherhood was sheltered by the smallfolk of the Kingswood, preventing the royal forces from finding and ending the Brotherhood. However, Ser Arthur gained the confidence of the smallfolk who had believed that the only ones protecting their rights was the Brotherhood. Ser Arthur petitioned the King for better rights for the smallfolk of the Kingswood and he made sure the royal forces paid for any items they took from the smallfolk. All of this swung the allegiance of the smallfolk to the royal forces who could now hunt the Brotherhood and the Brotherhood could no longer walk around with impunity in the Kingswood.[1]

In a notable clash, the young Jaime Lannister, Ser Arthur Dayne, and Ser Barristan Selmy faced off against several notable outlaws including the Smiling Knight and the leader, Simon Toyne. Ser Barristan Selmy killed Simon Toyne, while Ser Arthur Dayne killed the Smiling Knight. Jaime Lannister regards the battle, in which he crossed swords with the Smiling Knight, as one of his fondest memories.[2]

Other members of the Brotherhood included Wenda the White Fawn, Oswyn Longneck the Thrice Hanged, Big Belly Ben, and Ulmer. All members are presumed dead except Ulmer, who joined the Night's Watch to avoid execution.


There was a song written about the Brotherhood. Some lyrics are:

No man's gold was from them,
nor any maiden's hand.
Oh, the brothers of the Kingswood,
that fearsome outlaw band. [3]

There is also another song about Big Belly Ben and the High Septon's goose. It is a silly song.[4]

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