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[[Category:Nobles|Lannister, Lancel V]]
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[[fr:Lancel V Lannister]]

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House Lannister.png Lancel V Lannister House Lannister.png
Biographical Information
Full Name Lancel of House Lannister, the Fifth of His Name
Titles King in the Rock
Royal House House Lannister

Lancel V Lannister was King of the Rock.


When Gyles the Third was battling the Storm King in the east, Lancel V Lannister. the King of the Rock attempted to cut a piece out of the Reach for himself. It fell to Ser Wilbert Osgrey, the Little Lion, to stop him with his older brothers off in the east with the King Gyles. During the battle, Ser Wilbert came face to face with the King Lancel. The King had a Valyrian sword, Brightroar, and chopped the Little Lion to bits, but as Ser Wilbert was dying, he drove his dagger into a gap in the King's armor and killed him. The Westerland army collapsed and the Reach was saved. [1]

References and Notes

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