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Larys Strong
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Larys Strong as depicted by Douglas Wheatley in Fire & Blood.

Alias Larys Clubfoot[1]
The Clubfoot[1]
Title Lord of Harrenhal[1]
Master of whisperers[2]
Lord Confessor[1]
Allegiance House Strong
Culture Rivermen
Died In 131 AC[3], at King's Landing[3]
Book(s) The World of Ice & Fire (mentioned)
Fire & Blood (mentioned)
The Rogue Prince (mentioned)
The Princess and the Queen (mentioned)

Larys Strong, known as Larys Clubfoot or the Clubfoot, was the Lord of Harrenhal and head of House Strong during the latter part of the reign of Viserys I Targaryen and the reign of Aegon II Targaryen. He served on the small council as the master of whisperers and Lord Confessor for both kings Viserys I and Aegon II.[2][4]

Appearance and Character

The Clubfoot rarely spoke, preferring to listen. When he did speak it was either to be glib or share words of great importance. As with most masters of whisperers, he was enigmatic and cunning. One of his legs was twisted at birth and he walked with a limp.[2]


Reign of Viserys I

In 105 AC, Larys was brought to court by his father, Lord Lyonel Strong, alongside his older brother, Harwin, and two sisters. Larys joined the confessors of King Viserys I Targaryen.[1][5]

In 120 AC, Larys's father and older brother died in a fire at Harrenhal, leaving Larys to inherit his father's seat and title. Although the cause of the fire was never determined, one of the suggestions to have been put forth was that Larys had caused the fire.[1][5][6] Other suggested culprits were Prince Daemon Targaryen, Lord Corlys Velaryon, King Viserys I himself, and the curse of Black Harren. Larys eventually became the Lord Confessor and master of whisperers on Viserys small council.[1][5]

Dance of the Dragons

When King Viserys I died in 129 AC, Larys was part of the green faction at court and gave his support to the crowning of King Aegon II Targaryen during the Dance of the Dragons. When Aegon II's older half-sister Rhaenyra took King's Landing in 130 AC, Larys escaped capture. He spirited both himself as well as King Aegon II, still recovering from severe wounds, and the king's two remaining children, Maelor and Jaehaera, from the Red Keep through a secret passage which led them out of the capital while bypassing the city's gates.[2] Larys insisted the group part ways and ordered Ser Rickard Thorne of Aegon's Kingsguard to bring Prince Maelor to Lord Lyonel Hightower at Oldtown, and Ser Willis Fell of the Kingsguard to escort Princess Jaehaera to Lord Borros Baratheon at Storm's End. Larys himself disguised King Aegon as a commoner and send him to Dragonstone under the care of a bastard knight, Ser Marston Waters, believing her own stronghold would be the last place Rhaenyra would think to search for her brother.[2][7]

At Harrenhal, when Prince Aemond Targaryen learned of fall of King's Landing to Rhaenyra, he became enraged and believed Larys had been involved in the betrayal somehow. Aemond had every member of House Strong at Harrenhal killed.[8]

Larys remained in King's Landing, strategically working in secret to undermine Rhaenyra's hold on the capital. When Queen Helaena Targaryen committed suicide, a rumor was spread throughout the city that she was murdered on the orders of Queen Rhaneyra. Mushroom in his writings accused Larys of being the source for this slander. A massive riot broke out in the city, eventually resulting in Rhaenyra having to abandon the capital. Rival factions seized control of several parts of the city after she left. When Ser Perkin the Flea and his followers gained control of the Red Keep and crowned Trystane Truefyre, Larys emerged again and walked into the Red Keep, where he was greeted by Ser Perkin and given a place of honor at the side of Trystane.[9]

Larys feigned support to the pretender Trystane and even secured the release of Queen Alicent Hightower, Grand Maester Orwyle and Lord Corlys Velaryon. When the host of Lord Borros Baratheon arrived outside King's Landing. Larys offered to treat with Lord Borros on Trystane's behalf but instead conspired with Perkin the Flea and the greens to betray Trystane and give the city to supporters of Aegon II Targaryen. A full pardon was promised to Ser Perkin and all his followers in exchange for their aid in restoring the capital to King Aegon, the pardon wasn't extended to Trystane who would later be executed.[10]

Queen Alicent advocated that Lord Corlys should be killed too, Lord Larys pointed out that her son, Aegon was on Dragonstone surrounded by a Velaryon fleet and suggested to pardon Lord Corlys and wait until the wars end before quietly disposing of him. The clubfoot in due course though discreetly alerted Corlys to the plot to assassinate him and persuaded the Sea Snake to be part of a scheme of Larys own devising. Historians are vexed at why the Clubfoot did this, some suspecting it was posthumous revenge when he learned of the massacre of his house by Prince Aemond, others that he was planting a seed in the event the tide turned against King Aegon II.[10]

After the defeat of Lord Borros and his army at the Battle of the Kingsroad, Larys had Baela Targaryen clandestinely spirited away so she could not be used as a hostage against Lord Corlys. King Aegon was soon found dead with blood on his lips, murdered by poison. Larys and Lord Corlys had the few loyalists remaining either killed or imprisoned and persuaded the remaining greens to surrender as the Riverlords descended on the capital. At first the scheme of the clubfoot seemed to have been successful, nevertheless, the arrival of Lord Cregan Stark and his Northmen to the capital turned the fortunes of Lord Larys and his co-conspirators. Lord Cregan though loyal to the promises he had made to the late Rhaenyra Targaryen, was incensed at the dishonorable manner of Aegon II's death. Larys along with dozens of others were arrested by Cregan for the ignominious assassination of Aegon II.[10]

Hour of the Wolf

Lord Larys's and Ser Gyles Belgrave's end, as depicted by Douglas Wheatley in Fire & Blood.

After the poisoning of King Aegon II Targaryen, Larys was one of the twenty-two people charged with and subsequently arrested for the king's murder by Lord Cregan Stark. Grand Maester Orwyle later confessed to giving Larys the poison used to kill the king. During the Judgement of the Wolf, Lord Cregan presided over Larys's trial. While those found guilty were given the choice of taking the black or face execution, Lord Larys and Ser Gyles Belgrave of the Kingsguard chose death over the Wall. Before his execution the Clubfoot requested to Lord Stark that after he was dead, his clubfoot be removed from his corpse so he would at least be free of it in death, Lord Cregan pledged to honor his wish. Lord Larys along with Ser Gyles were executed, their heads mounted on pikes by the gates of the Red Keep. At a later date, his remains (minus his clubfoot) were taken to Harrenhal as his final resting place. As Larys was the last of his line, his death brought an end to House Strong.[11][3]

Quotes by Larys

When was a wolf ever moved by words?[3]

—Larys to Cregan Stark during his trial

...but I do have one last request. When I am dead, hack off my clubfoot with that great sword of yours. I have dragged it with me all through life, let me be free of it in death at least.[3]

—Larys's final words to Cregan Stark

Quotes about Larys

A man who gathers whispers can spread them just as well.[8]

—writtings by Mushroom

The enigma that is Larys Strong the Clubfoot has vexed students of history for generations, and is not one we can hope to unravel here.[10]

—writings of Gyldayn


3 Wives
Alys Rivers
[Note 1][Note 2]
2 Daughters
  1. Both Grand Maester Munkun and Septon Eustace believed Alys Rivers to have been the bastard daughter of Lord Lyonel Strong.
  2. In 132 AC, Alys claimed to have wed Prince Aemond before his death.


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