Loren I Lannister

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Loren I Lannister
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Loren Lannister bend the knee.jpg
Loren bent the knee to Aegon I Targaryen
Biographical Information
Reign until the War of Conquest
Full Name King Loren I Lannister
Alias Loren the Last
Other Titles King of the Rock (former)
Lord of Casterly Rock
Warden of the West
Lord of the Westerlands
Royal House House Lannister
Books The World of Ice & Fire (mentioned)
A Game of Thrones (mentioned)

Loren I Lannister was a King of the Rock and Lord of Casterly Rock from House Lannister. He submitted to the rule of House Targaryen after surviving the Field of Fire, and, as he was the last last King of the Rock, he became known as Loren the Last.[1]


After Aegon I Targaryen's landing, he set about conquering the Seven Kingdoms. King Mern IX Gardener, the King of the Reach, allied with King Loren of the Rock to join forces and throw the invader back into the sea. The two armies met in the Reach, where the combined might of the Reach and the Rock broke Aegon's army. However, Aegon and his sisters, Visenya and Rhaenys Targaryen, took to the sky with their dragons. Near four thousand men died that day, including Mern. Loren survived the battle that would become known as the Field of Fire and submitted to the rule of House Targaryen the following day. He was named Warden of the West and kept the title Lord of Casterly Rock.[2]