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Princess Arianne Martell is the eldest daughter of Doran Martell, the ruling Prince of Dorne, and his consort, Lady Mellario of the Free City of Norvos. According to Dornish customs, she is the heiress of Sunspear, and the future ruling Princess of Dorne. Arianne is buxom and beautiful, calculating, adventurous, and fierce-tempered. She becomes a POV Character in A Feast for Crows.

Arianne has two younger brothers, Quentyn and Trystane. However, she is close to neither, as Quentyn has been fostered at Yronwood from an early age, and Trystane is eleven years younger than Arianne. Instead, her best companions are friends made during childhood: Andrey "Drey" Dalt, Garin, Sylva Santagar, and her cousin Tyene Sand. Arianne at first was also close to her father. However, when she accidentally found a half-written letter from Doran to her younger brother Quentyn stating that Quentyn would one day rule Dorne, Arianne concluded that Doran intended to pass her over. She wished for her father to show that he valued her, and began to rebel. When she reaches the age of marriage, Arianne feels hurt when her father presents only elderly lords as possible suitors. She rejects all of them, and makes several attempts to come to a match of her own, but fails in the attempts for various reasons. Arianne slowly becomes convinced that her father hates her, completely unaware of the secret plans Doran has had for her for years. Read more...

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  • “I don’t know who my mother was.” – Jon Snow
    “Some woman, no doubt. Most of them are.” – Tyrion Lannister [1]
  • "Is there gold hidden in the village? Is there silver? Gems? Is there food? Where is Lord Beric? Where did he go? How many men were with him? How many knights? How many bowmen? How many, how many, how many, how many, how many, how many? Is there gold in the village?" – Arya Stark, stabbing in rhythm [2]
  • "You cannot eat love, nor buy a horse with it, nor warm your halls on a cold night." – Tywin Lannister [3]
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