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The Wall is a massive 700 foot high wall of ice, stretching 300 miles, covering the entire northern peninsula of Westeros. It protects the Seven Kingdoms from the dangers that lie beyond. It was built by Bran the Builder, the legendary King in the North, who built Winterfell and helped to design Storm's End.

The Wall is said to have been built 8,000 years before Aegon's Landing, after the Long Night, by giants and the first members of the Night's Watch. The Wall is protected by the Night's Watch and, according to some, ancient spells and sorcery. Supposedly, Brandon the Builder had placed his foundations along the heights wherever possible. The Wall was much smaller at the time, having been built upon by the Night's Watch builders, who quarried huge blocks of ice from frozen lakes in the Haunted Forest and dragged them south to make the Wall higher, raising it over the centuries to its present size. However, the severely reduced Night's Watch at the present time is limited to maintenance duty. A total of nineteen fortresses have been built along the Wall though only three, The Shadow Tower, Castle Black and Eastwatch-by-the-sea, are occupied during the current events.

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  • Lord Tywin Lannister did not, in the end, shit gold. [1]
  • "Once they figure a way to work a dead horse, we'll be next. Likely I'll be the first too. 'Edd,' they'll say, 'dying's no excuse for laying down no more, so get on up and take this spear, you've got first watch tonight.' Well, I shouldn't be so gloomy. Might be I'll die before they work it out." – Dolorous Edd [2]
  • "Winter is Coming." – The words of House Stark[3]
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  • The first Clegane was knighted because he saved Lord Tytos Lannister from a lioness and lost a leg and three dogs in the effort.[4]


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