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| organizations =
{{Location map|Essos|lat=-65|long=62|label=Old Ghis|caption=Essos and the location of Old Ghis}}
[[File:fall of ghis.png|thumb|right|350px|Fall of Old Ghis]]
{{Location map|Essos|lat=-65|long=62|label=Old Ghis|caption=Essos and the location of Old This}}
[[File:GhisHarpie.png|thumb|right|250px|Ghis emblem - the [[harpy]]]]
[[File:GhisHarpie.png|thumb|right|250px|Ghis emblem - the [[harpy]]]]

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Old Ghis
City ruins
Fall of Ghiscar.jpg
Fall of Ghis
Destroyed ca. 5,000 years ago.
Notable places ‎Great Pyramid
File:Fall of ghis.png
Fall of Old Ghis
Old Ghis is located in Essos
Old Ghis
Essos and the location of Old This

Ghis emblem - the harpy

Old Ghis is a ruined city in Essos. It is located in southwestern Ghiscar, east across the Gulf of Grief from the Valyrian peninsula.[1][2] As Ghis, it was the capital city of the ancient Ghiscari Empire. The ancient city of Ghis is one of the oldest known cultures and nations in the world. Its founding and golden age predate that of its successor, Valyria, by thousands of years.


Ghis was founded by Grazdan the Great.[3] Its emblem was a harpy, which had a woman's torso, the wings of a bat instead of arms, the legs of an eagle, and a scorpion's tail. In its claws rested a thunderbolt.[4] It developed into a major power in the east, with the Ghiscari Empire dominating much of Essos.

In the dawn of days the city of Ghis opened its gates and poured fourth its legions across the continent of Essos. With their lockstep discipline and absolute obedience they ground entire nations beneath their boots and planted the harpy in every corner of the known world. What they did not destroy they enslaved. Although slavery was already present in the world until the Ghiscari it was never an art. The slavelords grew rich and fat as pyramids were raised around them, pleasure houses were filled and fighting pits were open. No one remembers if the waters around Ghis had names before the empire but ever since they have been known only as Slaver's Bay and the Gulf of Grief.


Ghis was brought to ruin following a series of wars with the Valyrian Freehold 5,000 years ago. Ghiscar fought with Valyria five times, losing each time because of Valyria's dragons. Ghis's legions were shattered in the final war. The best of their legions burned while the others broke. Its brick walls were pulled down, its streets and buildings were turned to ash and cinder by dragonflame, and its fields were sown with salt, sulfur, and skulls.[4]

The city of New Ghis developed on an island south of Ghiscar and the Ghiscari Strait. The ruins of Ghis are now known as Old Ghis.


Old Ghis ruled an empire when the Valyrians were still fucking sheep.[4]

- Kraznys mo Nakloz

Five times had Old Ghis contended with Valyria when the world was young, and five times had gone down to bleak defeat. For the Freehold had dragons, and the Empire had none.

- Daenerys's thoughts in Astapor

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