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[[Category:House Celtigar]]
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Prunella Celtigar
House Peake.PNG
Title Lady of Starpike, Dunstonbury and Whitegrove
Race Valyrian
Culture Crownlands
Spouse Lord Uther Peake
Book Fire & Blood (mentioned)

Lady Prunella Celtigar was a member of House Celtigar in the reigns of kings Maegor I Targaryen[1] and Jaehaerys I Targaryen.[2] Later becoming the Lady of Starpike, Dunstonbury, and Whitegrove.[3]

Appearance and Character

Lord Rogar Baratheon scornfully claimed that Prunella and her sister had "no chins, no teats, and no sense".[2]


Prunella was the daughter of Lord Edwell Celtigar of Claw Isle.[1] She had at least one sister, Prudence.[2]

In 47 AC, her father urged King Maegor I Targaryen to marry either Prunella or Prudence, or both if he so desired. The king did not choose Prunella or her sister, instead marrying the Black Brides, Rhaena Targaryen, Jeyne Westerling and Elinor Costayne.[1]

In 49 AC, her father made the same offer to Lord Rogar Baratheon and Queen Regent Alyssa Velaryon, that King Jaehaerys I Targaryen marry either Prunella and Prudence; Lord Baratheon rebuffed this offer.[2]

Prunella became a lady companion to Queen Alysanne Targaryen during her time on Dragonstone.[2] During King Jaehaerys and Queen Alysanne's second wedding, she disrobed the king during the bedding ceremony.

In 55 AC, Alysanne arranged a marriage between Prunella and Lord Uther Peake. It was considered an exceptional match for her, and a triumph for the queen.[3]


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