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| image_caption = Qohor's army outside of the walls of the city
| image_caption = Qohor's army outside of the walls of the city
| location = [[Essos]], [[Free Cities]], the [[Forest of Qohor]]
| location = [[Essos]], [[Free Cities]], the [[Forest of Qohor]]
| settlement_type= City state, one of the [[Free Cities]]
| settlement_type=[[Free City]]
| seat =
| seat =
| seat_type =
| seat_type =

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Free City
HBO dothraki khalasar to Qohor.png
Qohor's army outside of the walls of the city
Location Essos, Free Cities, the Forest of Qohor
Religion Black Goat of Qohor (god)
Founded Approx 1000 years ago
Free Cities.png

Qohor, also known as the City of Sorcerers in folklore, is one of the nine Free Cities located in western Essos. It lies near a great forest, the Forest of Qohor. It sits on the banks of the Qhoyne, a tributary of the Rhoyne. Qohor is east of Norvos and north of Volantis.[1]


Qohor was founded by religious dissidents that abandoned Valyria, rejecting the religious tolerance practiced by the Freehold.[2]

Shortly after the Doom of Valyria, the dragonlord Aurion raised a host of Qohorik colonists and proclaimed himself the Emperor of Valyria; flying out on the back of his dragon, with thirty thousand men to claim what remained of Valyria and reestablish the Freehold. None were seen again.[3]

Afterward, during the Century of Blood, the Dothraki were stopped by the Unsullied in the bloody Battle of Qohor.[4] Qohor and Norvos broke Volantene power on the Rhoyne in a battle involving fire galleys on Dagger Lake.[5]

Shortly after being created, the Golden Company sacked Qohor, after the city refused to honor the contract it had made with the company. This event established the reputation of the sellword company quickly.[6]

When they were young, Viserys and Daenerys Targaryen spent some time in Qohor when they were wandering from place to place.

About the city

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Ever since the Battle of Qohor, the city's defense has been made up entirely of Unsullied, each carrying a spear with a braid of human hair.[4]

It is widely believed that the dark arts, such as divination, blood magic, and necromancy are practiced in Qohor.[7]

The Qohorik worship the deity known as the Black Goat, who demands daily blood sacrifice.[8] Calves, bullocks, and horses are the animals most often brought before the Black Goat's altars, but on holy days condemned criminals are sacrificed by the god's priests; and in times of crisis, the nobility of the city offer their own children to placate the god.[7]

The wood from the Forest of Qohor is much sought after. Huge barges depart the river docks of Qohor daily, sailing down the Qhoyne to Dagger Lake and the markets of Selhorys, Valysar, Volon Therys, and Volantis. The forest also yields up furs and pelts of all kinds. Even to this day, Qohorik are famed as hunters and foresters.[9]

Qohorik artisans are famed. Qohorik tapestries, woven mostly by women and children, are just as fine as those from Myr, though less costly. Exquisiste, yet disturbings, wood carvings can be bought in Qohor's markets, while Qohorik swords, knives, and armor are superior even to the best castle-forged steel of Westeros. Qohorik blacksmiths have the ability to meld paint in with the metals. Some blacksmiths also preserve the secret of how to reforge Valyrian steel, guarding it jealously.[9]

Maester Pol, who wrote a treatise on Qohorik metalworking written during several years of residence, was thrice publicly whipped and cast out for making to many inquiries. The final time, his had was also cut following the allegation he had stolen a Valyrian steel blade. According to him, the true reason for his final exile was the discovery of blood sacrifice - including that of infant slaves - which the Qohorik smiths use in their efforts to produce steel equal to the original Valyrian steel.[9]

The city is also famed as the gateway to the east, where trading caravans bound for Vaes Dothrak and the lands beyond the Bones are outfitted and provisioned before venturing into the Forest of Qohor, the desolated areas were the Kingdom of Sarnor once stood, and the Dothraki Sea. Likewise, caravans returning from the east enter first to Qohor. This trade has made the city one of the richest and most exotic of the Free Cities.

Recent Events

A Game of Thrones

Daenerys Targaryen passes Qohor during the journey of Khal Drogo's khalasar from Pentos to Vaes Dothrak.[10]

A Feast for Crows

Garin tells Arianne Martell that according to sailors in Planky Town, followers of R'hllor had rioted and tried to burn down the Black Goat.[11]

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